Lead Creative School Project – Skylarks

The children in the Skylarks class have been enjoying their creative sessions with Cassandra.

We started the project off by exploring the story of wool as a material. Cassandra showed us her Blue-Faced Leicester sheep and how to do carding, spinning wool, weaving and dying wool with natural dyes such as Alkanet, Chamomile and Madder.

We learnt how to finger knit, do wet felting, needle felting and weave wool and willow. We explored various natural materials to create our own characters using wood, clay and wool.

Our aim is to create a puppet theatre with puppets that move to be able to tell stories such as the wonderful stories from the Mabinogion which we have been reading.

We are hoping to share our creations with parents and friends after we finish the project so keep your eye out on the letters. SAM_9252SAM_9259 SAM_9263 SAM_9352 SAM_9375 SAM_9384 SAM_9401 SAM_9559 SAM_9564 SAM_9569 SAM_9572 SAM_9616 SAM_9622

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