Puffins/Aderyn Y Pal

Welcome to our class/ Croeso i ddosbarth Aderyn Y Pal.

Earthquake Sub-Topic:

Through our dinosaur topic we have been looking at Earthquakes, as this was one idea that the Dinosaurs were affected by.

We looked at how an earthquake can effect the locality, what is it’s impact and what are the outcomes of such an event. Specifically we looked at building structure and thought of ideas that would enable a structure to withstand earthquakes. We conducted various tests using jelly, marshmallows and straws….you can imagine the fun!!

Dinosaur Topic:

The Puffins have been very busy analysing footprints, and discovering what information it could tell us. We went and explored the local beach, which has many great prehistoric features (fossilised footprints)

They discovered: A footprint can tell us how tall a dinosaur is, what type of food it may have eaten it could even tell us how fast they were travelling.

Whilst at the beach we searched for any foreign materials and took them away with us as we always ensure to keep our beaches clean.

The puffins have been having a Vikingly good half term so far, with explorations into the weaponry and battles of the Vikings. They have focused on boat constructions and through cooperative learning activities the puffins have created a model of a Viking boat and proudly displayed it in the centre of the learning space.

DSCF2003 DSCF1993

The puffins have also explored using aspects of nature to create mythical monsters from the deep, using leaf collages. The Puffins are looking forward to exploring the Gods and legends intertwined into the Viking culture.

Puffins have looked at forces in motion and have experimented with different forces and their impact upon model cars.


W/C : 6th February 2017

IMG_20170208_142220             THE NORMANSIMG_20170209_144716

This week Puffins have started to explore the historic nature of the the Anglo Saxons and the Normans EPIC BATTLE OF HASTINGS!

We have looked at the Bayeux Tapestry and even examined some of the attire that men would wear into battle.

We made shields, bow and arrows and spears. We crafted wooden ships and armies. It was an adventurous look back at times gone by.

We looked at reporting from the Battlefield, what went on on that fateful day and could it of ended differently? Was there cheating? Did the Normans deserve to win? Did they really need to have a battle? These were a few of the questions we investigated.

What do you think?

Can you remember the date of the Battle?


Welston Challenge

Congratulations to Manorbier School, the winners of this years Welston Challenge!! #bioluminescence #woodlands #ponddipping #microscopes


Year 4’s started the term with a fantastic day taking part in the Welson Challenge.  The challenge day which is held annually, is an opportunity for children to take part in a day of exciting science activities. The event organised by Darwin Science and hosted by Professor Campbell, a word-renown pioneering researcher into bioluminescence, saw the children competing against two other schools in several areas – bioluminescence, microscopes, pond-dipping and woodland observation walk.  The children were full of questions and thoroughly enjoyed the day but were especially delighted to be voted this year’s winners!  An amazing day!

IMG_2746 21586856_1658250037518703_8300634016546109943_o[1]IMG_2772







St Davids Day.

The Puffins class had a tremendous day celebrating all things welsh.

For our performance in the concert we told the story of Gelert, as we have been looking at myths and legends we thought it a very fitting topic.

We wore lots of red and were patriotic all day with singing and lots of welsh language practice. Da iawn Puffins!!!