Ducklings trip to Manorbier Castle

The ducklings had an exciting morning out to visit our local castle to co-inside with our topic this term, ‘Castles & Knights’. The children had a great time exploring the castle and dressing up as princesses and knights.

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Royal Wedding


Ducklings had a ‘Morning Tea’ celebrating the royal wedding of Prince Harry & Megan Markle. They enjoyed tasty treats including strawberries and cream, finger sandwiches, fruit and breadsticks.

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St David’s Day / World Book Day




Ducklings celebrated St Davids Day and World Book Day by dressing up in traditional Welsh costume or as  famous welsh people. The children took part in a St Davids Day concert by  singing  a welsh Song and making and selling homemade welsh cakes.



IMG_1019 IMG_1028 IMG_1063

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Lead Creative School Project – Skylarks

The children in the Skylarks class have been enjoying their creative sessions with Cassandra.

We started the project off by exploring the story of wool as a material. Cassandra showed us her Blue-Faced Leicester sheep and how to do carding, spinning wool, weaving and dying wool with natural dyes such as Alkanet, Chamomile and Madder.

We learnt how to finger knit, do wet felting, needle felting and weave wool and willow. We explored various natural materials to create our own characters using wood, clay and wool.

Our aim is to create a puppet theatre with puppets that move to be able to tell stories such as the wonderful stories from the Mabinogion which we have been reading.

We are hoping to share our creations with parents and friends after we finish the project so keep your eye out on the letters. SAM_9252SAM_9259 SAM_9263 SAM_9352 SAM_9375 SAM_9384 SAM_9401 SAM_9559 SAM_9564 SAM_9569 SAM_9572 SAM_9616 SAM_9622

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Valentines Day

Ducklings celebrated Valentines day by making vanilla biscuits and decorating them to give to their valentine.



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Ducklings Enjoying the snow

IMG_0675IMG_0693 IMG_0674

Ducklings had an unexpected surprise on Tuesday morning when they arrived at school to find our playground full of snow. The children had fun building snowballs and taking the dinosaurs on a ‘Snowy Adventure’.

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Children In Need


The children in Ducklings raised a fantastic amount for  this wothwhile cause ‘Children in Need’  they enjoyed wearing spots to school and making spotty rice krispie cakes.

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Skylarks and Wrens trip to Tudor Merchant House

To nicely round up our topic of the Great Fire of London, we visited the Tudor Merchant house in Tenby.

We travelled by train which was very exciting indeed and then walked through the 5 arches to the town centre.

Mistress Angela and Master Greg have welcomed us to the tudor house and told us lots of interesting facts about life in the 1500’s. One of our favourite facts was about the colour of fruit oranges, as in tudor times they didn’t know of the term orange, so they called it a red yellow.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and would recommend anyone who hasn’t been to go and visit the Tudor Merchant House, or to come and read some of our recounts of our visit.

SAM_8706 SAM_8714 SAM_8718 SAM_8728 SAM_8735

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PCSO Firework Safety / Diogelwch tân gwyllt

Manorbier School were lucky enough to have a wonderful visit from our local PCSO team in regards to Keeping Safe during Firework displays.

The children showed a great depth of knowledge about how to keep safe and how to inform others if they felt safety was an issue.

It was a practical session and was certainly one to remember!

DSCF1962 DSCF1965 DSCF1966

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Ducklings end of term news / Newyddion diwedd tymor


Ducklings have had an enjoyable term learning about Autumn and Harvest, they have taken part in autumn walks and activities and have enjoyed becoming a chef and making their very own pizza.  The children ended the term with building a ‘Den’ to co-inside with the story we have been reading ‘Sally’s Secret’.

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