Dosbarth Ehedydd/Skylarks Class



We have celebrated Outdoor Classroom day by lots of fun activities. We revisited our work of identifying the trees that grow on our school ground and explored what creatures lay underneath the dead leaves. We found slugs of different shapes and sizes and even some eggs! Can you guess what creature laid these eggs?

Did you know that you can learn Maths, Literacy and Art outside too? We have looked at symmetry, odd and even numbers, halving and doubling.

Mrs Roberts also set us different Pumpkin challenges where we learned what is inside a pumpkin, counted the seeds of a pumpkin by grouping, making pumpkin soup in the mud kitchen, describing pumpkins and measuring them. Do you think that pumpkin will float or sink in the water?

Spring Term:

The Foundation Phase class has returned back to school after online learning and it was a joy to be back in class with everyone!

Here are some photos from our Easter activities. We had to use our literacy and numeracy skills in the Easter egg hunt challenge and our thinking and creative skills in our outdoor art and science challenges. How can you tell if an egg is hard boiled or raw? Can you predict, which will roll faster down the ramp?

Summer Term

Our topic this term has been Sustainability. Have a look at our school newspaper to see what we have been up to.

FP Sports day

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Class Trip to Manorbier Castle

Trip to Manorbier Castle

We have visited Manorbier Castle in the Spring term whilst learning about our local area. We had so much fun exploring the castle and Katie told us lots of interesting facts from the history of the castle. Did you know that Gerald of Wales was born there and that there is a secret passage to the beach!

We loved dressing up and looking at the beautiful views from the top of the tower.

This term, we have also enjoyed our trip to the beach where we were able to practice our mathematical skills such as measuring, balancing and number formation in the sand.

Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by making an art work inspired by Andy Warhol. Go and see it at Manorbier Castle where it is being displayed.