Dosbarth Aderyn Y Pal/Puffins Class

This term in Dosbath Aderyn y Pal we have been exploring space. We chose planets that we wished to explore, including their size and what position they are in the solar system. We then used paper mache to design our solar system display. Allowing us to investigate life on other planets, using imaginations to design a newspaper front page to warn or educate others on their findings.

Leading us to investigate the time it takes for our planet Earth to orbit the sun and moon, explaining how days, months, and seasons happen. The children were very intrigued by the different shapes of the moon they see at night time. Therefore the eight stages of the moon were taught, of course the use of jaffa cakes made this a very fun lesson!

Through the Science and technology area of learning, we have built our own Exo rovers. Ensuring they can be used over any terrain allowing them to provide information about our planets. We also measured how long they will last using battery power, while recording on a bar chart over a period of time.

As a whole school, we have celebrated the Queens Jubilee. Puffins class decided to design their own postcards inviting their family members to attend our annual sports day plus a party afterwards for the Jubilee. Once we had worked hard on our designs, we learnt of the importance of stamps and why the Queens face is on them. Then it was time to walk up to the postbox, for us to get excited for our families to see them.

This new half term the exploration of rainforests and jungles are what all pupils have voted to learn. We are already well under way with cross curricular activities, that pupils can not wait to share with you.