School Values/Ethos & Prospectus/ Prosbectws a Gwerthoedd Ysgol

Manorbier CiW Primary School 

Ysgol Gynradd Maenorbyr 

Our school is between Manorbier and St Florence and serves the villages of Manorbier, Manorbier Newton, Jameston and Lydstep.  The local authority is Pembrokeshire.  

The school has 43 pupils on roll, including 5 part-time nursery age children.  There are three mixed-age classes.  Approximately 23.2% of pupils are eligible for free school meals, which is above the national average of 21%. The school identifies 29% of pupils as having additional learning needs.  This is above the national average of 22%.  Currently no pupils speak Welsh at home.  The headteacher took up her post in September 2014.  The school’s last inspection was in July, 2015. The individual school budget per pupil for Manorbier V.C.P School in 2020/21 means that the budget is £4,650 per pupil.  The maximum per pupil in the primary schools in Pembrokeshire is £6,240 and the minimum is £3,570.  Manorbier V.C.P. School is 11th out of the 61 primary schools in Pembrokeshire in terms of its budget spend per pupil. 

We are now a Professional Learning School and a Lead Creative School. 

    Mission Statement    

Each Diocese is committed to ensure that each school in the diocese should be a special place, a place of learning, a place of nitrite and of exploration.  A school must demonstrate openness and acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness.  Here, values and attitudes are formed and every individual is celebrated as unique. 

A Church School is all of these things, but also develops and distinctive Christian character through its education, collective worship and ethos.. 

A Place:- 

Where every person has equal value and the chance to grow and develop to their full potential. 

Where teachers, staff, governors and parents are committed to the education and development of the whole person. 

Where the search for knowledge allows:- 

Every child to learn of the richness of the created world, and grasp every opportunity to contribute to it in life;  

Every member of staff can be nurtured in their vocation to teach; 

Every achievement can be celebrated and every shortcoming forgiven.  

                 Come to the Edge

Come to the edge, 

We might fall! 

Come to the edge, 

It’s too high! 

Come to the edge, 

And they came, 

And we pushed, 

And they flew. 



We are a Church In Wales school and aim to develop the whole person, intellectually, spiritually and physically. 

We want our Christian school to be a special place, a safe place, a place of nurture, a place of exploration and learning. 

We demonstrate openness and acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness. Here, values and attitudes are formed and every individual is valued and celebrated as unique. 


To create and maintain an environment where everyone is valued and respected for their unique qualities. 

To create and maintain a cooperative and active learning  environment where everyone strives to improve on their best and have pride in their own success and that of others. 

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all the children in the school, to the highest professional standards and in accordance with  Professor Donaldson’s Successful Futures and the New National Curriculum for Wales. 

To develop in each child the desire to enquire and to help them build the necessary skills for learning and life. 

To respond quickly and sensitively to changes in the educational needs of our pupils. 

To value the vital partnership with parents and to bear this in mind at all times. 

To develop and maintain a spiritual ethos, allowing each child to experience calmness, reflection and the space to think.  

To develop and maintain relationships with the community which allow the school to play a central role in village life. 

To maintain close links between the school and the Church, upholding the ethos required of a Church In Wales school. 

To maintain a healthy and safe environment in the school, where pupils and staff feel secure, safe and happy.