Dosbarth Gwdihws/Owls Class

The children have been working hard on developing their Welsh Skills around the school. Some children from Owls class are looking at the progress already made this term.

Da iawn pawb!


Socially Distanced PE

We’re making the most of the glorious weather we’ve been having by looking at Habitats, Adaptation and Evolution in Science. This has seen us examine how and why certain creatures have become extinct as well as how effective camouflage is. For example, if polar bears and arctic foxes are white, why are penguins black and white? Their camouflage is actually really ingenious – if you’re not sure how or why it works, ask an Owl – we know!

We have an amazing environment at school, and we have all found some wonderful wildlife, including a frog on the playground! So some of the Year 6’s have decided to extend the topic into making a database and fact sheets about all the wildlife we’ve found in our school environment. Watch this space for more later on in the year – they can teach you all!

We’ve been equally busy in Literacy and Languages, looking at descriptive and figurative writing in Literacy, with some really inspiring work so far – “Whistling, the wind danced with the breeze as the sun began to shine through the cotton filled clouds…” And there’s plenty more where that came from!

We have family history projects starting, so if you have a member of your family you would like to research, then please let us know.

Maths is in everything we do and we have done a number project looking at division and multiplication. We are about to start mean, mode and median in our data work. Be prepared to be asked lots of data based questions!

Art and Design – The children have been using natural dyed sheep wool and other materials to create a surprise for you,  based on John Keat’s poem ‘To Autumn’. They are extremely creative students and we can’t wait to see the results.

In Welsh, after a few weeks of speaking games, we’re having a go at writing our own postcards about the holidays Everyone, even those that have just joined us from England, are doing incredibly well and are really proud of their efforts – da iawn pawb, ardderchog!

PE – Owls and Puffins are consolidating their Hockey skills, the hockey sticks are great for a socially distanced warm up. Our pupils are very keen athletes and hockey skills are part of a wide and varied Health and Wellbeing Curriculum. Well done everyone!